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The indulgence of our lives has cast a shadow on our world. Our devotion to our appetites betrayed us all. An apocalyptic plight. More destruction will unfold. Mother Earth will show her darker side and take her toll. It's Just Another Way To Die.

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EDIT: To all those who been replying to this with emails and messages, please leave comments instead? Thanks.

Iv been getting quite a few Messages from people asking questions about furries, Mostly because there is so much misinformation out there that most people don't know what to believe. Most reasons people dislike furs are completely wrong. But i guess you can hate what ever you want! this is the internet.

I'll try to answer any questions you may have, and answer a few iv been sent.

Q: What is a furry?

A: A furry is someone that has a alternate persona or Fursona that they act out online or even in real life. A furry is an Anthropomorphic being (human body structure with animal features e.g. tail fur ears etc)

Q: Why do furries wear fur suits?

A: Mainly because they can, and not all furs wear fur suits, in fact about 95% of furs don't! but they mostly wear them because it makes them happy! they can act out there fursona in real life and not be looked at with judgmental eyes, people see the suit and judge that! not the person.

Q: Why do furs like sex so much?

A: Because its SEX!!!! that's not rocket science is it? it feels good, its fun to do! same reason you would do it i guess?

Q: Why do furries have sex in fur suits?

A: Most don't! Like 99.5% of furs don't, some do? but most wear the suit for fun! nothing more, it makes them feel happy and safe! for some it makes them horny! but hay! if you don't like it? don't do it.

Q: Why do furries Yiff?

A: To yiff or the act of yiffing is basically sex chat or type fucking, normal people do it all the time, but when a fur does it with another fur is called yiffing (yiff is the sound a fox makes - and about 40% of furs are fox's)

Q: Why are so many male furries gay?

A: I wouldn't call it gay as much as i would call it open minded, they are open to new things, and are happy to try them out, there not gay, just curious!

Q: Why is furry porn so weird?

A: Well same reason human porn can be weird, i mean there are 100000's of fetish's out there, and Most are just human fetish's made furry! i will agree that some are a little out of control, but this is the internet, and that makes it normal here. but i guess the reason its so weird is because it can.

Q: Why are the people that say they are furries so weird?

A: Well firstly Most are average people, they just like something that you don't really understand! which makes them weird, but some are just odd, maybe there shy! or timid or even afraid to be themselves around others so they pretend to be something and someone that makes them feel safer? but again, some people were fucking weird even before they started calling themselves furries.

Q: Why are furries nice to EVERYONE?

A: Because they can be, furries are friendly people that like to make friends and socialize. If one says hay to you? ITS NOT A TRAP!!! say hay back! they are kind peace loving people that just live to be happy! which also makes them easy targets for trolls.

Q: How does someone become a furry?

A: You just become one, your done, now think of an animal that represents you as a person, then think of one or two details that makes you unique, clothes, hair, fur colour, maybe a small story about yourself, just have fun!!!

If you have any questions please leave them below and i will add them in! thanks for learning a little about me and my weird culture! and yes we understand were different, telling us that we are is only reconfirming it for yourself not us! im a male pink haired gay anthropomorphic bunny! trust me i get that im different #^ ^#

Yours Truly

Ok Lets See If I Can Clear A Few Things Up!

Recent Game Medals

Wheel Of Decimation 10 Points Whoah... Don't you think that was a bit... uh, overkill? It was entertaining though. Medal Stats.
Dagger To La Face 10 Points You said, "Screw it!" and threw your dagger at a bandit's face! Shweet! Medal Stats.
Arrow To The Stomach 5 Points Yeowch. You took a nasty arrow to the stomachial region. Medal Stats.
You Should Block 10 Points Sooo, yeah, you should try blocking sometime.... Medal Stats.
Weak Defense 10 Points Looks like you TRIED to block, buuuut..... yeeeaaahhh.... Medal Stats.
Face Knifed 10 Points You stuck a dangerously sharp dagger into the fleshy face of an outclassed bandit elf... Nicely done. Medal Stats.
Goober 10 Points You found the Goober action figurine! Medal Stats.
Spinning Destruction 10 Points You used an ultra-powerful, double spin slash to decimate the bandit elf who deserved it! Medal Stats.
Poop 25 Points You found bird poop! Yay! Medal Stats.
Gobblo Wood Kill 10 Points You killed a Gobblo with the wooden sword! Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 873 (From 130 different games.)